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Our branded clients include

Grozard exemplifies an excellent level of work and interaction

A.A. Angirov
Director of Hite Korean Restaurant Development

We recommend Grozard as a responsible and reliable partner

Olga Bykova
Head of Electronic Commerce, Branding, and Communication

It all worked out, thank you!

Jan Janov
Project Co-Founder

Grozard is a great example of a business relationship

I.V. Danilov
Commercial Director, Bookbridge

We value design, adore gamedev, and use technology

Kill undead

We take a sustainable approach to relationships

We see the target

We focus on our people's key needs


  • Product lands

    The capital of Grozardica, where products are made for internal use and export to the world.

  • Support Lands

    Lands provide a homey and stable way of life for all Grozardica, protecting it from enemies.

  • Propaganda lands

    These lands are inhabited by guerilla groups looking for new ways to restore their territory to its former glory, avoiding the mysterious dungeon...

  • Investor Lands

    The lands of those who invest their gold coins from the world for the bright future of Grozardica!

House of Law
Architectural House
Tech House
Marketer's Dungeon
Finance House
Design House
House of Digital
  • Dmitry Fedenko
    Dmitry Fedenko
    Private Investor
  • Reserved


Grozard founded

Grozard founded

Experimental digital products created

Experimental digital products created


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