Grozard Interactive Online
November 30, 2022

We're launching a single online resource, Grozard Interactive Online (GIO), that will give you all the information on Grozard Interactive's activities, services, and products.

GIO is the only real-time source of information about the company since Grozard has completely phased out its social media and video platform presence. To receive press releases and announcements, Grozard users, members of the press, and investors can subscribe to the Grozard Insider mailing list.

Grozard's updated identity is presented in the GIO Media Kit section. The company decided to remove the symbology from the logo and give it independence. The color scheme and rounding of elements were also optimized, and a main font for headings was created. Symbology is included in Grozard's pattern, which is used in interfaces and other company elements.

In the last few years, Grozard has been actively investing in growing its corporate culture, including using its international experience. This is reflected in our Codex, a short set of rules and values that applies to all of the company's services and products.

Since 2013, Grozard Interactive has been developing a range of digital products for the corporate sector and a wide array of users. Our most popular products were Monolith: Hilti Corporation and Amazing Platform.

Monolith: Hilti Corporation

A text-based construction RPG that was joined by about 10,000 users on VK (VKontakte). The game allows users to find unconventional solutions in the workflow, which can later be used in real-word activities.

Monolith was the first social media construction game of its kind.

A huge amount of work has gone into bringing it to life.

The reward has been stunning results, which would not have been possible without Grozard.

Andrei Podgornov
Head of SMM, Hilti Russia

Amazing Platform

An experimental platform for a complex of game servers that allows you to download and distribute large volumes of data through a network of relays and user internet connections. More than 15,000 people have already used the platform.

The platform helps solve key strategic challenges and ensures an optimal cost level for transporting significant volumes of data.

Aleksandr Vozgunov
Project Founder

Grozard Insider

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