Senior Grozard
March 5, 2024

The mascot of Grozard Interactive, who first appeared in the tenth year of our company’s existence.

Senior Grozard has the power to levitate, can make and control lightning, has an irresistible attraction to technology, and wears a high-tech suit.

He loves to study the cultures of the world, as well as discover the secrets of the universe. During thunderstorms, his strength and energy are restored. No one knows his exact age: he is hundreds or even thousands of years old.

On one of his long journeys through South America, he received the title Señor, which eventually became part of his name.

For the company, Senior Grozard symbolizes the highest point in the development of one’s powers.

Those who have his image find it easier to focus on developing their talents and achieving high results.

Grozard Insider

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